Saturday, January 22, 2011

Appetizer Vegetable Pizza

It was my day off, so I made 'Appetizer Vegetable Pizza' last evening for supper.  Actually, it was an 'all-appetizer' dinner - we finished off the dessert bites I had made from phyllo cups, lime curd and squirt topping.  Merlyn rounded out his meal with sardines on Ritz crackers - he kept saying that the vegetable pizza needed some tuna, but I disagreed so he had to get his fish another way.

The Appetizer Vegetable Pizza (kind of like this but called for mayonnaise and dill weed to be added to the cream cheese) was good.  It seemed pretty salty - either I put in too much Ranch Dressing mix, or maybe too few vegetables?  [A friend pointed out that I didn't follow the recipe exactly - it said to let it sit for at least an hour for the flavors to mellow.  That should take care of the saltiness.]

About half is left over so we'll have it for supper tonight with our Papa Murphy's pizza. We have guests so I'll see what they think.

I don't think I've used those refrigerated crescent rolls since I was in high school.  For the record, I haven't gotten any better at sealing them together.  

I'm hoping to manage one recipe per day off, but that may be too optimistic.  At the moment, I feel more like vegging with a cup of hot chocolate than cooking. And, the next recipe requires you to cook a vinegar dressing, and Merlyn really hates the smell of cooking vinegar. 

Here's the challenge: I'm going to make each recipe in the cookbook, "Recipes from Columbia Classics Car Club 1992-2002,' Tri-Cities, WA", one recipe per section, and then I'm going to blog about it.  And then I'll go on to the next section (which is 'Soups, Salads, & Condiments.) The next recipe will be 4-bean salad. I'll be back after it's cooked.  Bon Appetit!

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