Friday, January 1, 2016

Herbed Chicken and Vegetables - not a Columbia Classic

I've been missing this cooking blog after my long absence. Of course, I have been cooking and enjoying it, but also really enjoy writing about cooking, so here goes!

Our New Year's Eve dinner was Herbed Chicken and Vegetables from a cookbook that was a Christmas gift - Amish Cooking.  I have some doubts that it is truly Amish - there are quite a few convenience foods included - but the recipes look good and I will intersperse them with Columbia Classics in this season.

Another writer included the actual recipe in her blog, in case you would like to try it. Did you know you can also find Amish Music on a blog?

I doubled the recipe and used 4 chicken hindquarters, and about six potatoes plus two quartered onions, since we had no carrots. (I think you would need to parboil the carrots first, if you were using them, because I'm not sure they would get done enough.)

The chicken roasted at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes, and then we took it down to 350 degrees and put in some 'Grands' biscuits for 15 minutes. The chicken, potatoes and onions were roasted to perfection when the biscuits were done.

I believe it's time to make the kuchen! I made peach kuchen a couple of months ago for a breakfast potluck at work, and it will be my next post! 

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